Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trying To Stop Corruption In Ukraine

Ukraine is 7th in corruption perception by country, according to EY / Photo from www.ilovegreece.ru

Annette Langer, Spiegel Online: Laying Down the Gauntlet

Corruption can rot a state from the inside out. It destroys people's faith in government institutions and threatens societal stability. More than 1.3 trillion euros are lost every year to graft around the world. As part of its sustainable development goals, the UN has identified the battle against corruption as a key element in building peaceful and inclusive societies.

What, though, might such a battle look like? Who has the courage to lead it? And what are the daily obstacles? SPIEGEL ONLINE traveled to Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe, in the search for answers.

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WNU editor: It is going to take more than just hiring a few young adults, slapping them with a uniform, training them and paying them well .... to eliminate corruption in Ukraine. The problem is that corruption has become a part of the culture in Ukraine .... you just cannot escape it, and what worse is that many people have come to accept it.

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