Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who Killed The Military Commander Of Hezbollah?

Mustafa Badreddine. Reuters

Shane Harris, Daily Beast: Who Really Killed a Playboy Terrorist?

One of the world’s most wanted terrorists met a fiery death last month. The mystery over who killed him is now an international guessing game—with the prime suspects in Washington.
Plenty of people wanted Mustafa Badreddine dead.

There were the Saudis, who blamed him for terror attacks in the kingdom and against its allies abroad.

The Israelis had already once tried to assassinate Badreddine, the military commander of Hezbollah and one of the most important and powerful figures in the organization.

Even Badreddine’s own Hezbollah brethren were said to have their knives out, feuding with the storied militant over where the group should devote its resources: Towards attacks against its longstanding enemy, Israel, or on the battlefields of Syria, where Badreddine had been commanding around 6,000 men in an all-out effort to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Some Hezbollah figures had also chastised Badreddine as an easily distracted womanizer who had developed a taste for the high-life, dining in fine restaurants and tooling around Lebanon in a Mercedes.

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WNU editor: Hezbollah is still trying to recover from this assassination .... Hezbollah reorganizing after the death of Badreddine (Ya Liban).

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