Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another (But Bigger) U.S. Secret Service Scandal?

Radar Online: Stolen Guns, Male Prostitutes, Booze Binges & More! New Secret Service Scandal Exposed

Read reports revealing 'Wheels Up, Rings Off' parties and 'Porno-gate.' has obtained proof that the Secret Service is a corrupt zoo — more booze soaked, amoral and sex-fueled than even the Colombia hooker scandal of 2012 revealed!

After a four-year fight, Radar can reveal some of the shocking content of 6,441 never-before-seen government documents exposing astounding corruption in the agency charged with protecting our leaders.

“A male Secret Service Agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online,” reads one sensational report dated May 2, 2014.

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WNU Editor: No one else is reporting on this story .... but I suspect that once the Republican convention is over, some eyes will turn to this story.

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