Sunday, July 17, 2016

Update: 3 Police Officers Killed In Baton Rouge. Scores Injured

CNN: Source: 7 officers shot; 3 feared dead in Baton Rouge

(CNN)A man with a gun opened fire on police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday, injuring at least seven -- including three who are feared dead, an official said.

Police received a call of "suspicious person walking down Airline Highway with an assault rifle," a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. When police arrived, the man opened fire.

The remaining officers are hospitalized in critical condition, the source said.

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More News On Reports Of Another Mass Police Shooting In The U.S. (Baton Rouge)

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Aizino Smith said...

Obama got his wish.

Aizino Smith said...

One of the attackers are dead. By affinity mapping the authorities will have suspects if not arrests.

The Left had better hope it was a bunch of white guys. Otherwise, their attack on the 2nd amendment takes a hit.

But the Left will not be deterred merely dismayed for a day or so.

The Left has assaults on the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments.

We'll see what hit in the polls Obama takes. We'll see if Obama drags Hillary down with him.

We'll see what pablum Obama spews in the next 3 days.

Obama is going to wish his 2nd term was 3 years instead of 4 years. Things are getting so bad he won't be able to blame his successor for missteps.

Bottom line he will be blamed for effing things up. Maybe he'll slink to Hawaii to end his days 50 years from now, golfing.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

This is part of the orchestrated racial division organized by the Obama administration ,liberals and jihadis are teaming up to destroy the west,
And they are all most done .
I have been consern with the chance that the U.S. is at risk of another civil war. The DHS have been preparing for this for a long to wage war upon the American people .

RRH said...

The "Right" and the Left of the Right in the U.S. are manipulating you. Neither means you any good. Taking sides is the worst thing you can do.

Young Communist said...

Conservative idiots usually blame the integration and equal conditions ideals of the Left for social mess, and not their love for racism, inequality and war, not their deep, but usually untold, love for the religion of power.

Power over inferior beings, whatever is "power" (political, religious, money and property, violence and army...) and "inferior beings" (other "race", the infidels, the poor, the weak, the woman...) in each conservative visions.

I see that even in one of my closest friends, who is "moderate".
Hopes broken and without alternatives oppressed peoples seek revenge in a conservative way. Someone win for a time, but the struggle never end.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Wait a minute
Republicrats have been working together to create this corporate nation to enslave us, and take freedoms out of the system under the name of security.
With this social engineer crisis .
I do agree with you on No taking sides here but we have to look at things objectively ,living emotions out of the equation take look at the President of France for example ,he said that France have to get use to terrorism and the press is all most blaming the truck for the terrorist attack in nice last week.
Is that what really happened you and I know that is Orthodox islamists teaching the problem ,but we fail to understand that over and over again and when you want to point out that automatically you become islamophobic .
By the way the president of French spends $10,000 on a hair do every other week If you didn't know that .

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Young communist
Are you truly a communist?
Is Angela Merkel a Bolshevik or do you think is she a socialist like president maduro...

RRH said...

I hear you Si-vis,

The thing is I have a hard time distinguishing the so called left from the right. Sure, they play the politically correct game but when it comes right down to it on the big issues, like labour law, foreign policy, the economy, they are not that much different.

Here we have this Hollande for instance, carrying in about terrorism while taking a knife to labour legislation and getting high dollar hair cuts (he's getting ripped off if you ask me). All this while snuggling up to the Saudis - a disgusting practice of the so-called left and right. The anti - Islam thing is a front on both ends as NO ONE is going to do a damn thing about the root of the problem: Rich, powerful scumbags who plant and fertilize the seeds of fascism (Islamo or otherwise) to do their dirty work.

A real look at these posers says it all. When it comes to gaining money, power and privilege, they'll say or do anything.

RRH said...

There is very little conservatism (left or right) in the "west" anymore. It's all neo-liberalism, all day and night.

Good God man, we don't even have real communists anymore (a cheer from most on here) just a bunch of half assed liberals fronting identity politics. There are and more fascists though. Funny how they flourish in liberal democracies....

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Like I say man look at the Federal Reserve ,if you ask any American what the Federal Reserve is they will not have an accurate answer. The Bilderberg Group? what these people negotiate behind doors.
The military industrial complex?
Canada is going to be forced to buy f35's now knowing that the jet have a ton of problems?.
Who's are this people that can use this Roman tactics of divide and conquer Whit so much success.

RRH said...

"Who's are this people that can use this Roman tactics of divide and conquer Whit so much success."

People who are not having to deal with organized resistance from the lower class.