Wednesday, July 13, 2016

China Commissions New Guided Missile Destroyer

Business Insider: China has commissioned their newest guided missile destroyer

The largest naval exercise in the world is currently underway in the Pacific, and to show the world it means business, China officially commissioned its fourth vessel of a new model of guided missile destroyers on Tuesday.

Equipped with advanced weapons that are able to engage other ships and submarines, the independently developed Yinchuan will be China’s most advanced guided missile destroyer in service. And the ship will be able to engage in all manner of operations, including aerial defence, anti-sea operations, and anti-submarine missions.

At more than 150 meters long nearly 20 meters wide, the load displacement of the Yinchuan is estimated to be 7,000 tons.

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WNU Editor: After yesterday's international tribunal's ruling that denied China's claim to the South China Sea .... building up its navy is one of the narratives that the Chinese are now going to follow, including the usual threats and warnings .... Beijing warns against 'cradle of war' in South China Sea (AFP)

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