Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chinese Navy Holds Massive Live-Fire Exercises In South China Sea

South China Morning Post: PLA warships carry out biggest live-fire drills yet in South China Sea

Exercises in the South China Sea draw South, North and East Sea fleets, and come ahead of an international ruling on Beijing’s claims in the waters

The PLA Navy has carried out its largest live-fire drill yet in the South China Sea, ahead of a ruling by an international tribunal on a dispute with the Philippines over claims to the strategic waters.

Warships from the north and east fleets joined the south fleet in the drills, the army mouthpiece PLA Daily said on its website.

They focused on “air control operations, sea battles and anti-submarine warfare”, it said.

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Unknown said...

Angry little children who don't get what they want, have a screaming Temper-Tantrum.
Such a waste of money and a pathetic show of force. They are 'demonstrating' the best they can do...for all to see. It is like playing cards and showing your hand for everybody to see what you have.

fazman said...

You mean like sailing a carrier up and down the persian gulf

the objective voice said...

The US isn't claiming ownership of the Persian Gulf, it is spelled is specifically demonstrating for all of the regional countries the right of unfettered navigation. Plus we are actively using carrier strike craft for combat operations in Iraq and Syria. That's what being a superpower looks like. China is a regional power on the rise who is attempting to grab territory from its neighbors and/or the international community. Just look at the map of its claims and tell me that makes any sense. If I was China I wouldn't listen to the world court's arbitration either if I have put billions into he sea grab and had no rational chance of success. One is not like the other.

Young Communist said...

China want an area that grant the control of the 70-80% of commercial route between north and south west pacific, so the indirect control of important part of Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam commerce.
Nothing strange, is imperialism.