Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Every Navy Commander In Russia's Baltic Fleet Has Been Sacked (Updated)


News.com.au: Russian President Vladimir Putin has purged all the officers in his Baltic Sea fleet

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has taken a page out of Joseph Stalin’s book — and sacked every commander in his Baltic fleet.

The stated cause: corruption and incompetence.

But given the endemic nature of both problems across the Russian military, Western analysts are scratching their heads as to the real reason behind the purge.

The performance of Russia’s military during recent high profile, large-scale military NATO military exercises in the Baltic may have something to do with it. As could the ever escalating games of brinkmanship being played out in the international waters and skies.

“Some hint that the “buzzing” of USS Donald Cook by Russian Su-24 fighter-bombers on April 14, 2016 was meant to be part of a broader series of Russian confrontations against Western ships in the Baltic,” says international affairs analyst Peter Coates. “But the Russian Baltic Fleet in April, however, refused to follow such dangerous orders — hence Putin’s retaliation against his own naval officers.”

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Update: Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge 'after top brass refusal to follow his orders to confront Western ships' (Daily Mail).

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WNU Editor: After this purge I asked a few of my contacts in Russia on why this happened. No one has answered me back .... which tells me that this purge was ordered from President Putin's office, and that it probably involves a refusal to follow orders. This News.com.au report now confirms it .... and it explains why.

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