Sunday, July 31, 2016

Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen Shuts Down CNN Host Who Tries To Link Trump To Putin

WNU Editor: Could not have said it any better. On a personal note .... I have met Stephen Cohen on a few occasions in Moscow, and we usually disagree .... but if there is one thing that I learned about him is that he is a formidable debate opponent .... and you better know your facts when you face him. This CNN host was clearly not prepared.


B.Poster said...


This article discusses certain "links" between Team Trump and Vladimir Putin. While typical of the hit pieces against Mr. Trump, I think many fail to grssp what is happening here.

Far from being a Russian "agent, "toadie", or "poodle", as some have supposed what I think Mr. Trump is trying to do is to edtablish better relations with a major power who can cause us significant harm and whose assistance we desperately need in a number of areas.

The depths of eickednesx combined with stupidity on the part of team Clinton seems to no bounds. It's hard to fathom that she and her team would risk a further poisioning of relations with Russia solely for the purpose of undetmining Mr. Trump.

In times past, this may have worked. In 2016, it won't work. The American people are oaying to much attention right now and will see through this and will not elect her.

The fact tbat her team would resort to such tsctics indicates people who are incredibly stupid, incredinly blinded by ideology, or some combination. Such people are very likely clinically insane and may well belong in insane assylums. Since it seems none of this would be done without Hiliary's approval as the team leader, all of this applies to her.

This alone would be sufficient reason to vote against her. Such people may belong in insane assylums. Such people as Hiliary would definitely seem to unstable to have access to the nuclear codes.

RRH said...

Yeah, and the Ruble is low so property/businesses in Russia could be ultra cheap and these sanctions are a pain in the ass.

There is no great noble cause here.

In the words of Anonymous. -- I coulda' swore it was Jay at first.

July 21, 2016 at 6:20 PM
Anonymous said...
What makes you think that Trump means or does not mean what he says?

Trump is a developer. An Uber macho business person. Take no prisoners. Morality is for little people.

Those who work with developers in the U.S. know that they are ruthless and mostly heartless. They see themselves as above common people and what they say or do is right because they said or did it.

Reading deep thoughts and intentions into a person who has no foreign or domestic policy experience is like wondering what a dog is thinking when they do something you do not like. Did they plan it? Are they sending a message? (RRH note: I love this point)

Developers are not subtle. They use any ploy necessary to reach their goals. They have little experience with former KGB people who are playing world games using nukes, conventional weapons, spies and such to reach their short and long term goals.

They make money and build things. They do not know how to govern and they do not understand realpolitik.

So, if think that Trump the developer somehow brings gravitas and knowledge of how to govern, then I have a bridge or two for you.

Then again, Trump might just buy that bridge and put up condos with other peoples money.

A felon who cannot meet standards to receive a security clearance and a developer who uses the "hated" tax code to make millions. Not much choice for U.S. citizens.

We serve the State.

RRH said...

Cohen is right.

What worries me more is that the lack of debate regarding Russia is even worse in Canada.

B.Poster said...


It is true that we ultimately do not "know" what someone will do until they are actually in the position. As a business person, one has to b e in tune to the needs of their customers in terms of products and services, they need to follow up on what they promise to deliver, and they need to deal properly with other stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes possible. Failing to properly do these things, even once, can mean the destruction of business interests. In contrast, career politicians and other certain classes don't face this kind of scrutiny and can be tone deaf to the needs of other stakeholders. As such, a person with a business background is going to be more likely to follow through and deliver on what they say tgan someone with a political background.

I remember the quote by anonymous that you reference. Very respectfully to say this person has a very limited undrrstanding of how the industry developers operate in works is a colossal understatement.

Developers are among the most demonized people in American society but we turn to them when we need things done and the best ones will try to tackle just about anything. Hence a developer ends up as a nominee for POTUS.

As for "realpolitik" he seems on the right track with renegotiating NATO, renegotiating the flawed trade agreements, acknowledging Russia's position with regard to Crimea, and border security. His presidency will be based upon a heavy dose of pragmatism as opposed to ideology and the unrealistic objectives of the past.

Business people tend to be very pragmatic. Sometimes this is interpreted as a lack of moral values.

Given Mr. Trump's backgtound, I think it a reasonable conclusion that he will try and deliver on his campaign promises. How much he can accomplish is not known. I suspect he will not be able to get everything done in his two terms. Completing the work will likely be up to his successor.

Hopefully we can see the US work to end sanctions against Russia. While I don't expect the Western Europeans to do the same, it would hopefully lessen tensions.

I think we do agree we cannot "know" for certain what team Trump will do until he actually does it. With team Hiliary we "know" and it hasn't been good.

Jac said...

I didn't read what previous people said, but one thing is sure: if we change the NATO organization, which is obsolete, for a 3 pillars association, one for North America, one for Russia and one for Europe as "all equal" we shall have the most powerful economically, politically and militarily bloc. We are all Christian, all "Caucasian" and have complementary Spirit. We can rule the rest of the world pretty easily even with all the challenge of the "radical Muslim" and some of the "China-Nazi expansionism".

Young Communist said...

And when we are "all equal" christian, Caucasian and powerful, someone start to think to be "more equal" than the others.

If you want to be real "equal", so start to destroy the empire mentality from your mind.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's always "ruling the rest of the world" with you folks,

TWN said...

I would vote for Ted Bundy before I would vote for Clinton, as much as I see Trump as a clown, if I was an American I would vote for Trump over that corrupt, vile, disgusting, thieving, criminal, old bag.

RRH said...

And it's a sad state of affairs when people see this as some kind of "choice".

B.Poster said...

"Trump is right on Russia." While I do NOT agree with everything expressed in this article, this article along with the link found in my earlier post appears to provide additional confirmation for what I've long suspected. Team Trump are realists who understand the concept of realpolitik extremely well. As such, their actions are geared toward trying to build better relations with Russia.

Of course I've known for twenty years we needed to build better relations with Russia. If my analysis of this information is correct, it is pleasing to see that someone affiliated with a major political party who may actually have a fighting chance to do something about this realizes this.

American relations with Russia are VERY bad right now. Russia is a major power who can hurt us VERY, VERY badly and their assistance in a number of areas would be most helpful, if not out and out necessary. By team Clinton insinuating that Mr. Trump is an agent of the Russians or that the Russians are behind the DNC hack, is akin to dumping gasoline on a raging forest fire or a child playing with matches under the bed. In doing this team Clinton shows they are either pathologically insane or they have the minds of vindictive little children who need to be punished to teach them proper decorum and decency.

Either way these people are unfit for leadership of any kind. In fact, such people pose a danger not only to themselves but to others. In the case of little children, they need constant adult supervision and should not be allowed to make any important decisions without approval of adults until they gain such experience and wisdom to do so. If these are "little children", they are going to need constant adult supervision for a number of years until they can learn how to function property as adults. If they are pathologically insane, they belong in insane asylums forthwith. Get these people out of society at large so they cannot hurt other people!!

Now as for Mr. Trump being a "clown", I can't say for certain. His mouth does tend to get ahead of his brain. With that said he understands 1.) the need to renegotiate NATO as well as other various defense agreements, 2.)the need to renegotiate the flawed trade agreements with various countries such as China, NAFTA, and TPP, 3.)he understands the need to streamline and reduce the excessive regulation that serves as a drag on the US economy, inhibits domestic energy development, and domestic manufacturing, and 4.)the need for better border security along the southern border (Mexico is de facto at war with the United States) and the need for possibly limited immigration until we can come up with procedures to properly vet the immigrations.

Bottom line: whether Trump or Clinton America likely changes for ever after either of their administrations. With Trump there is a chance to change it for the better. With Clinton I don't see that happen and, in fact, the survival of the nation under 4 years of childhood stupidity or clinical insanity along the lines of a psychopath the very survival of the nation is problematic at best.

So, yes, if the Mr. Trump is a "clown" vote for the clown over the psychopath or the 70+ year old who has the mind of a vindictive small child. I do not think she has the mind of a child. As such, the only thing left is she must be a clinically insane psychopath.

Fortunately the "clown" is going to win and the psychopath will be in jail for a very, very long time in the next few years. At least I hope and pray my predictions come to pass here.

RRH said...

"Rule the world"?!

Christ (that's the Christian caucasian coming out in me), we have people running "our" countries who couldn't rule their ass with a roll of Charmin.

Let's try something a bit more "our" speed, like breathing through our noses. If we get that, then we can graduate to paying folks for the work they do.