Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Terror Mastermind Of Pakistan School Attack That Killed 150 Has Been Killed in A US Drone Strike

Taliban commander Umar Mansour in a video posted by the banned militant group. Pakistan Defence

NBC: Omar Mansour, Pakistan School Attack Mastermind, Killed in Drone Strike

A U.S. drone strike in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday killed the mastermind behind the 2014 attack on a military-run school in Pakistan that left more than 130 children dead, the Pakistani military said.

Khalifa Omar Mansour, a top commander of the Pakistani Taliban, died in the strike, Taliban sources also confirmed, adding that three of his bodyguards were believed dead.

Mansour, 37, had been in the Nangarhar province along the Pakistani border when the strike occurred.

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TWN said...

Mastermind, this term is comic book speak, there is no mastermind they have a structured organization and are able to replace their leader with ease, In order to kill this beast they have to go after the body,the body is the people that support them, Bomber Harris and Curtis LeMay showed how it was done in WW 2, the navel blockade of Germany in WW1 which targeted the people of Germany was instrumental in the Armistice. The British use of the Concentration Camps in South Africa targeting civilians turned that war around.
If you want to kill the head target the body, mastermind what a fucking joke.