Friday, July 29, 2016

The Afghan Taliban Are Winning the War

Afghan special forces arrive for a battle with the Taliban in Kunduz city, northern Afghanistan, September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

Al Jazeera: SIGAR report: Taliban gained territory in Afghanistan

US watchdog says area under Kabul government's "influence" shrank by nearly 5 percent since beginning of this year.

The Afghan government has lost control of nearly 5 percent of its territory to the Taliban since the beginning of this year, according to a report by the US government's top watchdog on Afghanistan.

Published on Friday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the report says the area under Afghan government "control or influence" decreased to 65.6 percent by the end of May from 70.5 percent last year, based on data provided by US forces in Afghanistan.

That accounts to a loss of 19 of the country's approximately 400 governing districts.

The commander of US forces in Afghanistan, Army General John Nicholson, said most of the areas the Taliban control were rural.

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The Afghan Taliban Are Winning the War

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