Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Taliban Are Inflicting Heavy Casualties Among U.S.-Backed Afghan Soldiers

© Ahmad Masood / Reuters

FOX News: Rising casualties among US-backed Afghan troops concern officials

Rising casualties among local Afghan forces who are trained and supported by American troops and the growing presence of an ISIS-affiliated group are becoming growing concerns for commanders, the top U.S. general in the region told Fox News.

Gen. John Nicholson said the Taliban killed more than 5,000 Afghans last year and wounded another 14,000 -- and the casualty rate is climbing this year.

Nicholson, who in March took command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, spoke for the first time this weekend to a small group of reporters in Kabul.

"In one year, [U.S.-backed forces] suffered roughly double the number of casualties that we suffered in 15 years," Nicholson said.

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Update: Afghan forces' casualties climbing in 2016, top U.S. commander says (Reuters).

WNU Editor: Translation .... the Afghan government is not winning the war.


Jay Farquharson said...

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War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for the link Jay. I will be using it later.

But as an outsider looking in .... I am still astounded that while many reforms were not enacted .... many were, and that after trillions of dollars and God only knows how many programs were launched to help Black America .... including electing a Black President .... we are where we are today. High unemployment, single parent homes, high crime rates, and for many communities .... extreme poverty.

As to this Atlantic Post .... while very informative .... it is missing out on the reality of America today. To put it bluntly .... America today is not the America of 1967/68. Demographically .... Hispanics are now the second largest ethnic group in America, and they do not share many of the concerns that Black Americans do, and ditto for the fastest ethnic group that is now growing in the U.S. (and also the richest) .... people of Asian descent.

This is one of the impacts of open borders. Immigrants in the past 20 - 30 years are changing the narrative on race relations, and they do not share the same concerns and priorities that Black America has. After-all .... they are not responsible for what happened in America decades ago .... or even a century ago .... so why should they pay for it?

I cannot help but sense that many in the Black community are beginning to see this. That it is no longer a White-Black issue as it was in the 1960s .... but a Black-White, Black-Hispanic, Black-Asian, Black-Middle Eastern. etc. issue .... and because of this new reality and no longer being the number one minority with grievances and issues to be addressed .... that feeling of "being left out" .... which is very real .... is starting to boil.

This is also happening in Canada .... and I see it among the many immigrants who are now coming here. Immigrants who become Canadian citizens are from a totally different background, and they are not impressed with native demands for land, compensation, rights, etc. .... they feel no need to be responsible for what happened a hundred years ago .... or more. And they do not understand why .... because of one's background and race .... be entitled to something that everyone else must pay for. And when native protests explode .... this only backfires, because we are having enough problems in our lives, why should we help you with yours.

Case in point .... I live on the river in the Montreal suburb of Lasalle (it has a population of about 75,000). Across the river is the Indian reservation of Kanawake, and every year there is a protest camp a few hundred yards from where I live where a bunch of young Mohawk Indians set up camp, flags and posters and everything else, demanding that this land is their land, that it should be returned to them, and that we should all leave. They thump their drums. Drink their beer. And here is the best part of it all .... they actually mean what they say. But a week later .... after the news crews have moved on .... they are gone. So much for commitment and dedication to the cause .... but also a realisation that they are not impressing anyone let alone convincing anyone of "their cause".

Jay Farquharson said...

It's not uncommon for new immigrant's, or even old immigrants to not understand the value of contracts, written or otherwise.

Corseum brought in about 900 South East Asian's to work in their call center's in town back in the 1990's. HB2 visa's that became landed Immigrant Status.

Corseum closed their call center and moved the job's to Mubai in 2006. Half of it's still empty, the rest became a Princess Auto with 26 employee's.

Young Communist said...

"High unemployment, single parent homes, high crime rates, and for many communities .... extreme poverty."


And, so, the black community, after decades of fight to be equal, see their hopes steal by other minority? And also the white by the others?
Is the history of the empire: You consider yourself so high to pretend to be superior and to have the right or "manifest destiny" to impose your vision on the others, to command in home of others, even with violence? Stealing, slavering, killing, corrupting and concentrating the wealth on your main country? Maybe (ah, hypocrisy) for the proper sake of civilization of the population you brutalize?
So not surprise yourself if the others come in your country in search for a future, caring nothing about your protest. Or start wars to kick your ass out of their country.

Shining and progressed as you want, but every empire fall for their greed.
As for minority, they at certain point take their place to stay. Ripping your empire into pieces.

US are born and grown in the myth of a place of new hope, of freedom to rise from zero to hero, from nothing to a rich person.
But in contradiction to that, US care almost nothing to his poor citizens, and his history is filled of fight that see unions and various civil movements against slavery of industrial barony, corporations and the state who defend them, even with great violence.

Capitalism, for itself, care nothing about democracy or human rights. For that, upperclassman/women tend to underestimate what boil into low-level society.