Friday, July 15, 2016

Will French President Hollande Face A Backlash After Nice Attack?

The Guardian: Fran├žois Hollande faces political backlash after Nice attack

French president criticised for failing to implement security and intelligence measures in wake of last year’s Paris attacks.

Fran├žois Hollande is facing a severe political backlash in the wake of the Nice attack as rightwing politicians accused him of failing to implement sufficiently effective security and intelligence measures after previous atrocities.

The French president, who travelled to Nice with the prime minister, Manuel Valls, after delivering an ashen-faced TV address at 4am from the presidential palace, was under pressure to explain what concrete measures he had taken since the Paris attacks in November to crack down on the threat of terrorism. The motivation for Thursday’s attack is not yet known, but it is being investigated as an act of terror.

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WNU Editor: His polls numbers are already in the toilet, and if what I am reading on French media and what my french friends from France who now live in Quebec are telling me is accurate (for those who may not know, I primarily live in Quebec, Canada) .... no one has confidence in what he says anymore. What also does not help is when his ministers say things like this .... ‘Thanks, M. Valls’: Social media furious over PM’s ‘France will have to live with terrorism’ comment (RT).

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You cannot open your arms to muslim if you do you're digging yourself a grave so sorry France