Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Could Hackers Disrupt Election Day In The U.S.?

Shane Harris, Daily Beast: How Hackers Could Destroy Election Day

Donald Trump is already warning that the election’s going to be ‘rigged.’ Maybe, maybe not. But hacking the vote—and throwing the country into chaos—is terrifyingly simple.

Stealing and leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee could be just the start. Hacking the presidential election itself could be next, a bipartisan group of former intelligence and security officials recently warned. Whoever was behind the DNC hack also could target voting machines and the systems for tabulating votes, which are dangerously insecure.

“Election officials at every level of government should take this lesson to heart: our electoral process could be a target for reckless foreign governments and terrorist groups,” wrote 31 members of the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group, which includes a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a former secretary of Homeland Security.

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Update: Could Russian Hackers Spoil Election Day? (NBC)

WNU Editor: We know through the hacked DNC emails that the Democrat primary was fixed to give an advantage to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders .... and it succeeded. So rigging a general election .... by hackers .... my mind says no, but my heart is telling me that when I look at the way this election cycle is playing out, anything is now possible.

Update #2: This is interesting .... We Asked Hackers To Predict The Future of Hacking (VICE).

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Bob Huntley said...

When I first saw this picture I immediately thought the machines were some kind of slots. After a second look I realized that although they lacked the lighting and dazzle of slots in actuality they are slots given that your best hope is that your vote will actually go to the one for whom you voted.

A Pat Paulsen quote "all of America's problems today can be traced directly back to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the Indians".