Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Will Russian Americans Vote In This U.S. Presidential Election

Boston Globe: Trump’s praise for Putin baffles Russian-Americans

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — Russian pop songs play in the background as immigrants browse the local deli for items they can rarely find outside their native Moscow: candies, dried salted fish, perogies, and heaps of imported sausage.

Some stop to pick up one of several Russian-language newspapers, which this week prominently feature coverage of Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump whose consulting work for Russia’s allies in Ukraine has stirred controversy.

But lately what’s been happening in US politics is enough to cause them to choke on their $24-a-pound caviar. Their home country is once again caught in the glare of an American presidential contest, but this time through the lens of a funhouse mirror.

Four years ago, the former Republican nominee called Russia the “number one geopolitical foe.” Yet the current nominee, Donald Trump, is heaping lavish praise on Vladimir Putin — the strongman who invaded Crimea, is accused of killing political enemies, and is believed to be the driving force behind Russia’s hacking of Democratic Party computers.

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WNU Editor: To begin .... there are a few million Russian Americans .... and they always vote. As to their political leanings .... the mass majority are definitely not favourable towards President Obama (as the above Boston Globe post reveals). As to how will they vote in this election .... that anti-Democrat sentiment will filter into this election round, and I would say that a good 80% will vote for Donald Trump. The may not like Donald Trumps favourable comments towards Putin, but they do see Donald Trump as someone who will try his best to avoid another Cold War .... which is in everyone's interest. As to whether or not Trump accomplish that .... well that is another story. I should note that there are a few exceptions on how American-Russians will vote in this election. Russian Jews tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat, and around the Bay area in northern California they are (like my brother who lives there) .... strong Democrats.

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Why vote Democrat , when you can live communist?