Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is The Global Satellite Network Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks?

The Independent: Cyber attacks on satellites could spark global catastrophe, experts warn

The world is unprepared for how vulnerable it is to attack from the skies, argues a major new paper from Chatham House.

The world is dangerously unprepared for a global disaster sparked by cyber attacks on space infrastructure, experts have warned.

Authorities are not doing nearly enough to stop space assets being hacked and used maliciously, according to a warning from security experts. The consequences of such a hack could be disastrous – anything from damage to trade and financial services to terrorists taking over strategic weapons.

Much of the world’s infrastructure is dependent on space machinery – almost every important business or technology on the ground is powered by space assets. And while governments have done a great deal in looking to secure those technologies on Earth, they could easily be threatened from space.

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WNU Editor: On the day that the system is shut down from such an attack .... that is the day when everyone will wake up to how vulnerable the global satellite network is.

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