Wednesday, September 21, 2016

President Obama Gives His Final UN Speech As US President

UN News Centre: US President Obama urges world to eschew division and pursue global integration at UN Assembly

In his final address to the United Nations General Assembly as United States President, Barack Obama today delivered a ringing appeal for global integration in the face of religious fundamentalism, the politics of ethnicity, aggressive nationalism and crude populism, even as he called for a course correction.

“At this moment, we all face a choice. We can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration. Or we can retreat into a world sharply divided, and ultimately in conflict, along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion,” he said, declaring that the spirit behind the founding of the UN itself shows what is best in humanity.

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WNU Editor: I am working at the UN right now .... it is a gig that I have done for the past few years at every General Assembly. In the past when President Obama made his speech here, there was a buzz that lasted a good day. Yesterday .... nothing .... I can now say without hesitation that he is has become yesterday's news.

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