Sunday, September 18, 2016

U.S. F-22 vs. Russia's SU-35: Who Would Win In A Dogfight?

Public Domain via Alex Lockie

Alex Lockie, Business Insider: Here's who'd win in a dogfight between Russia's and the US's top fighter jets

The newly brokered cease-fire between the US and Russia has paved the way for military cooperation in fighting terrorist elements in Syria, seemingly closing the book on a window in time where Russian and US jets were flying close enough to each other to risk a potential clash between world powers.

But how does Russia's air force stack up against the US?

During Russia's stint in Syria, four of their latest and greatest Su-35 Flanker jets flew sorties just miles from the only operational fifth-generation fighter jet in the world, the US's F-22 Raptor.

Given the fundamental differences between these two top-tier fighter jets, we take a look at the technical specifications and find out which fighter would win in a head-to-head matchup.

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WNU Editor: Alex Lockie says the F-22 .... but I am not sure. Stealth is an advantage and it is what makes the F-22 a formidable fighter .... but technology is also advancing on how to spot stealth planes like the F-22. With time .... stealth may not be the "WOW" factor that supporters make it out to be.


fazman said...

The best pilot

fazman said...

The best pilot

the objective voice said...

Doesn't really seem to be much of a contest. The Russian plane would be knocked out of the ski well before it would even know it was in a fight. The issue of whether Russian radar can detect the stealthy fighter is speculation. Reports from Russian experts or military of its abilities to do so have to be taken with great skepticism. The Russian military has long been strangers to reality, but it is for a purpose. It has always focused on deterrence, and intimidation is one of those tools. Modern Russia, also focuses on its domestic audience. It needs its population to think it's equal to the United States or more powerful. This is to feed on it nationalistic population who are now suffering from economic distress. Its leadership needs this nationalistic fervor to maintain power.
A closed air dog fight between the two Jets is unlikely, as the Russian jet would long be destroyed before it came into visual range. But if it did, Russian made jets historically have not fared well against American manufactured aircraft. However, in close up dogfights, where the planes are potentially equally matched, it comes down to the pilot. In this Arena, American Pilots have much more extensive close air-to-air dog fighting opportunities in training then their Russian counterparts. As for the Raptor Pilots, they're fighting other Raptors. Numbers may be an issue, as the Raptors are much more expensive then their Russian counterparts. However, Russia could potentially deploy more of its new Fighters for cheaper cost, but its ability to do so is greatly Limited by its economy. As a result, numbers may not be a factor. But in the end, this fight probably won't happen, has the Russian jets would fall well outside of visual range. That situation may change in the future, but as for right now, it's no match.

Anonymous said...

"The Russian military has long been strangers to reality"