Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Afghanistan Deploys Troops To The Afghan Provincial Capital of Helmand To Counter A New Taliban Assault

Afghan National Army commandos load ammunition into their rifle magazines during an ongoing battle against Taliban militants in Helmand province on October 10, 2016 (AFP Photo/Noor Mohammad)

AFP: Hundreds of troops deployed in strategic Afghan city after attack

Afghanistan has deployed hundreds of commandos backed by NATO air strikes in Lashkar Gah to drive Taliban insurgents from the southern city after the militants killed 14 people in a coordinated attack, officials said Tuesday.

The assault Monday marked the insurgents' latest attempt to seize the capital of Helmand province, underscoring unravelling security as they expand their foothold across the opium-rich province.

"More than 300 commandos... have been deployed to the city to prevent Taliban advancement," said Abdul Jabar Qahraman, government special envoy for security in Helmand.

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WNU Editor: Here is a good explanation on why the Afghan government is losing this war .... As Helmand Risks Falling to the Taliban, Afghans Blame Graft (AP). More here .... How We Bungled Nation-Building in Afghanistan (Jeffrey Smith, Slate).

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