Sunday, October 9, 2016

DARPA Is Predicting That Future Wars Won With Hypersonic Weapons And Artificial Intelligence

Artist's concept of an X-51A hypersonic aircraft during flight. Wikimedia Commons

We Are The Mighty: DARPA sees future wars won with hypersonic weapons and artificial intelligence

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md — In comments that conjure up dystopian images of a future dominated by robot soldiers controlled by Skynet, researchers with the Pentagon’s futuristic think tank said they are working on better ways to merge the rapid decision making of computers with the analytical capabilities of humans.

In fact, scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects agency, or DARPA, are even looking into advanced neuroscience in hopes of one day merging computerized artificial intelligence with the human brain.

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WNU Editor: U.S. tests on hypersonic aircraft have been less than stellar .... and as for artificial platforms .... that is still far from being realised (if it is even possible). But should these platforms ever become real .... then yes .... future wars are going to be fought (and won) using these technologies.

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The biggest problem is....budget.