Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It Appears That White House Claims That Russia Hacked The DNC Servers Are Premature

Medium: The Yandex Domain Problem

Or Who In Russian Intelligence Doesn’t Speak Russian?

On March 22, 2016 William “Billy” Rhinehart, a regional field director at the Democratic National Committee, received an email from Google warning him that someone tried to access his account and that he should immediately change his password. He complied.

Unfortunately for Mr. Rhinehart, it wasn’t Google who sent him that email. He, along with many others, were a victim of Threat Group 4127 — the SecureWorks designation for Fancy Bear (CrowdStrike), APT28 (FireEye), and Sofacy (Kaspersky Lab). Secureworks assesses that TG 4127 “is operating from the Russian Federation and is gathering intelligence on behalf of the Russian government.”

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WNU Editor: I am still waiting for the U.S. to provide evidence that Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC servers as well as other agencies. My prediction .... it is not going to happen.


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Russia intel did it meme is a distraction from hrc. The one who smelled it, dealt it as we used to say

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Dear Miss Sonia,

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