Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Opportunity To End The War In Ukraine Is Receding

Ukrainian servicemen take part in a rehearsal for the Independence Day military parade, in the center of Kiev.Thomson Reuters

Startfor Analysis: Window of Opportunity Is Closing in Ukraine

Talks between the United States and Russia over the Ukrainian conflict seem more and more unlikely to make any meaningful headway as Barack Obama's last presidential term comes to a close. Cease-fire violations are a daily occurrence along the line of contact in eastern Ukraine — Kiev reported 30 made by pro-Russia separatists on Oct. 7 alone — and plans to withdraw troops and weaponry in certain locations have had mixed results. After an Oct. 5 meeting between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian officials in Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said he had "no expectations of a breakthrough."

The two countries have a brief window of opportunity to reach an understanding, but it is rapidly closing. The end of the Obama administration will coincide with the European Union's decision over whether to extend sanctions against Russia, giving Moscow added impetus to reach an understanding with Washington sooner than later. A month ago, movement toward some sort of deal seemed possible as cease-fire agreements were struck in Syria and Ukraine. But in the end, neither held up. The Syrian accord has unraveled completely, and talks between the United States and Russia over the Middle Eastern conflict have been suspended. Meanwhile, fighting in Ukraine has flared up again, despite an initial period of relative peace.

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WNU Editor: The Ukraine conflict can only be resolved if Kiev gives the Russian-Ukrainians what they want .... a certain degree of autonomy on language, culture, and economics. Unfortunately .... the Ukraine government has shown zero interest to pursue such a policy, even though there is a growing desire among many Ukrainians to now end the war by giving the rebellious east what they want.


Jay Farquharson said...

Minsk II, such an easy thing, but as long as the West keep dumping cash into Ukraine, ( where it is quickly scooped up and banked offshore), it will never happen.

RRH said...

The Ukrainians in Banderastan are now the official white trash of Europe. No one wants them as anything but poster children and fodder for "Russian Aggression" narratives and provocations.

The Lenin statues have been pulled down. The Communist Party has been banned along with Russian school books. The journalists are dead. Winter's coming and the radiators are cold. The only thing in the cupboard is an empty bag of cookies signed by Victoria Nuland, a surplus Canadian army flashlight (no batteries) from SOS Ukrainr and an IOU for an EU visa. Bad haircuts, wolfsangles, and black jackets are ubiquitous.

They are living the western feudal-libertarian dream come true. Truly free from the oppression of

public education
indoor plumbing
health care

No one walks out on life these days.
You're led out by the neck.
Did anyone ask for
Another choice?
Limp and awkward
his feeble hands will fall.
Who knows where the heart of the polyp is located
Or whether the polyp has a heart at all...

Glory to the heroes!!!

Caecus said...

"white trash"

The only politically correct racial epithet.

RRH said...

Only when others use it against whites. Kinda like another word thrown around quite readily by American blacks.