Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Is The Afghan Army Losing The War Against The Taliban?

Afghan security forces arrive at the Kunduz airport in Afghanistan on April 30, 2015. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani/File Photo

DW: Why are Afghan forces losing ground to Taliban?

Accelerating desertions and diminishing morale among Afghan government troops add to security woes as the Taliban gain ground across the country. Observers censure the government for the poor state of affairs.

Numbering around 350,000, Afghan government forces have borne the primary responsibility for providing security across the conflict-ridden nation since the end of 2014. That was also the time when NATO's combat mission concluded, leaving its follow-up mission "Resolute Support" to merely observe, advise, and train the Afghan army.

But the foreign troops remaining in the country as part of the mission aren't mandated to assist Afghan forces on the frontlines, although NATO sometimes offers air support to local troops desperately trying to fend off advances by insurgent groups.

The millstone has put the Afghans under enormous pressure, resulting in mounting casualties, accelerating desertions and spiraling cases of government troops either surrendering to or joining the Taliban.
This has caused a jump in the attrition rate, retired general Atiqullah Amarkhail said.

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WNU Editor: This is ominous .... German commander warns of long war in northern Afghanistan (Stars and Stripes). This post probably gives the best explanation on why the Afghan Army is losing .... One week. Hundreds of dead and wounded. How Afghan forces are struggling with heavy casualties. (Washington Post). More here .... The Taliban Is Killing Off Afghan Forces At A Rate Of 18 Per Day (Daily Caller).


Anonymous said...

Because they are pure pussy COWARD

Stephen Davenport said...

THEY ARE NOT LOSING, stopping saying they are. shit. This propaganda has got to stop. It is literally impossible for the Taliban to win today. Not going to happen, get better sources other than the Taliban fanboy club to get your "news" there.

TWN said...

This seem oddly familiar, didn't a similar outcome happen after the Russians left Ratganistan? Arrogance and hubris will get you every time, it sucks the very soul out of a country.