Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- February 28, 2017

American soldiers were seen at an outpost in Fatisah alongside Kurdish soldiers, with some even seen wearing the badges (right shoulder of left soldier) of the Kurdish People's Protection Unit.

Bonnie Kristian, RCD: Ground War in Syria Would Be a Huge Mistake

As his spitballing press conference reminded us ad nauseam, President Trump is not ready to let the bygones of the election be bygones—and where U.S. policy toward Syria is concerned, that might not be such a bad thing.

Perhaps the president’s most cogent attack on Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state during their race was his critique of her signature military intervention in Libya. “Look at what she did in Libya with [late leader Moammar] Gadhafi,” he argued during the second presidential debate. “Gadhafi is out. It's a mess. And, by the way, ISIS has a good chunk of their oil. I am sure you probably have heard that. It was a disaster.”

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- February 28, 2017

Should the U.S. maintain its alliance with Saudi Arabia? Unfortunately, we’re stuck with them -- Steven Cook, Salon

The Iranian-Saudi Arabian conflict: Does the West have a skewed view? -- Joseph Croitoru, DW

As ISIS Prepares Its Terror Resurrection, Watch Out for Drone ‘Swarms’ -- Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast

Counter-Terror Chief: Expect Terrorist Drone Swarms ‘Soon’ -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

Why a few American marines in Taiwan pose so many problems for China-US ties -- Cary Huang, South China Morning Post

Antibiotics In China, Local Practice Turns Global Health Menace -- Cyrille Pluyette, World Crunch

Moscow is regaining sway in the Balkans -- The Economist

In Ukraine, blockade threatens to force issue at heart of civil war -- Fred Weir, CSM

The Future of Transatlantic Defense: More Europe -- Kaitlin Lavinder, Cipher Brief

Trump signals a US shift from 'soft power' to military might a shift in thought -- Howard LaFranchi, CSM

Find Out What H.R. McMaster Really Thinks -- Bloomberg editorial

President Trump’s counterterrorism paradox -- Daniel Heesemann, Defense News

Seven Deadly Myths of U.S. Defense Spending -- Hal Brands, Bloomberg

Can the Pentagon Get By on Just $603 Billion? -- David Axe & Tim Mak, Daily Beast

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