Saturday, February 25, 2017

Is China's New Attack Submarine On Par With The U.S. Navy’s Improved Los Angeles-Class Boats?

Type 093B SSN
The Type 093B SSN is China's newest nuclear attack submarine. Stealthy and fast, it can quickly fire a barrage of vertically launched cruise missiles at unsuspecting ships and land targets. People's Navy Online

Dave Mujumdar, National Interest: Does China Have a Nuclear Submarine That Could Beat the U.S. Navy?

Though the Seawolf and Virginia-classes have surpassed the Improved Los Angeles-class as the premier U.S. Navy attack submarines, such older vessels will remain the mainstay of the service’s undersea fleet for many years to come. If the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s newest boats are able to match the capabilities of the U.S. Navy’s shrinking undersea fleet, Washington could be in serious trouble. Indeed, the U.S. Navy already anticipated that it could be facing-off against a Chinese submarine fleet that is nearly twice its size, but not as technically capable.

Is China’s new Type 093B nuclear-powered attack submarine on par with the U.S. Navy’s Improved Los Angeles-class boats?

At least some U.S. naval analysts believe so and contend that the introduction of the new People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) submarines is an indication of just how quickly Beijing is catching up to the West.

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WNU Editor: If they are not on par now .... they soon will be.


Jac said...

We are all focusing on "military" when come to US-China tension, and we could be wrong. America cannot declare war to China because only the Congress has this power and it will be the last thing it will want to do. But USA as a strong record to push the other part to make a mistake.
In this case America can use the article 5 of NATO, then China will be at war with...almost all its customer! The worst problem for China will not be the war but the meltdown of its economy and a furious population. The communist party will never be able to overcome a domestic upset and a big war at the same time.

Jay Farquharson said...

US President's under Article 50, retain the right to conduct unlimited military operations for 60 days, before going to Congress for either an AUMF, or, ( not since WWII) a Declaration of War.

President Bannon can start a war, all on his own.

After 60 days however, he needs Congressional approval to continue.

Jac said...

Jay, you are perfectly right, but it will be the wrong strategy because US cannot use the article 5 of NATO if we start the war. We must be attacked first.

Josh said...

Somewhat troubling but the gist of the headline seems to be that China's newest sub's are almost on par with our last-gen, upgraded 70's era boats. I'm not trying to minimize the threat either. Guess we should be cranking out more Virginia's faster and cheaper. Something we actually have been having some success with.