Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pope Francis Warns Of A World War Over Water

Pope Francis leads a mass on New Year's Day at Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican January 1, 2017. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

Crux: Pope Francis warns of a ‘great world war over water’

Talking at a Vatican sponsored meeting which called for the universal right to safe and accessible drinking water, Pope Francis also cited "troubling" statistics from the United Nations which indicate that each day, a thousand children die from water-related illnesses.

ROME - Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right and a key component in protecting human life, Pope Francis said.
“The right to water is essential for the survival of persons and decisive for the future of humanity,” the pope said Feb. 24 during a meeting with 90 international experts participating in a “Dialogue on Water” at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
Looking at all the conflicts around the globe, Pope Francis said, “I ask myself if we are not moving toward a great world war over water.”

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Update #1: Pope Francis: Are we on the way to a major world war over water? (Rome Reports)
Update #2: ‘Great world war for water’ may be looming, Pope Francis says (RT)

WNU Editor: He has been making these warnings for years .... see here.


Anonymous said...

Worst pope ever. Only loves muslims

Jay Farquharson said...


fred lapides said...

The scientist Wilson warned in his book Consilience, some 20 years ago, that the two major issues the world would face would be water scarcity and massive waves of immigration of those seeking a means to stay alive for their families from war, famine, oppression.

Aizino Smith said...

There is no water shortage.

There is a cheap energy shortage.

Fuck-tard liberals are making sure we have a cheap energy shortage.

There is most assuredly an engineering solution.

There is also most assuredly libtards pricing people out of their lives.

It is what they do. It is all they do!

Andrew Jackson said...

Stinkin lousy Bolshevik pope!

Anonymous said...

For the last year our church prayed for an end to the drought out here in California, and it looked that worked out for us. Funny though in this mornings mass our Priest (Nigerian) made a funny comment about how we went from praying for rain to praying for protection from the floods, everyone got quite a laugh out of that one.

Aizino Smith said...

It is funny how JaobberJay would have anon figured for a right wing NAZI homophobe sexist Archie Bunker bigot and here he goes to a church headed by a Nigerian.

Either reality is wrong or JabbeRJay is wrong.

I know what JabberJay will do about the cognitive dissonance. He'll go to bed tonight, sleep. get up, reboot and keep reading the Guardian and all the other garbage he reads.

There is no stopping a LIBTARD.