Thursday, March 9, 2017

The CIA's Cyberspies Are Not Impressed With The World's Top Antivirus Programs

Fifth Domain Cyber/AP: What CIA cyberspies think of 6 top antivirus programs

Peppering the 8,000 pages of purported CIA hacking data released Tuesday by WikiLeaks are reviews of some of the world’s most popular antivirus products.

The hackers are quoted taking potshots at antivirus firms, suggesting the American intelligence agencies are keenly aware of flaws in the products meant to be keeping us all safe online.

The data published by WikiLeaks isn’t systematic enough to draw firm conclusions about the reliability of one product or another and the uncertain dating means the CIA’s critiques provide more of a snapshot than an overview.

Still, the posts show America’s top cyberspies aren’t always flattering about commonly used security software.

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WNU Editor: The best antivirus program that I ever got was from my friends at Kaspersky labs who wanted me to try out a beta version (this was about 5 years ago). But according to the above post .... the CIA is not impressed with Kaspersky. As for this blog .... I use Blogger which is a Google platform .... so I am dependent on their security efforts. Two of my computers are dedicated to this blog .... and I do not care if people are snooping around. Email .... other personal and business stuff .... I use a Mac and I am very careful. No surfing or blogging on that computer.


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