Wednesday, March 1, 2017

U.S. Navy SEAL Unit Reprimanded For Flying Trump Flag

Virginia-Pilot: Virginia Beach-based special warfare unit reprimanded for flying Trump campaign flag, Navy says

Members of a Virginia Beach-based special warfare unit have been reprimanded for flying a Donald Trump campaign flag from a Humvee during training in Kentucky, a Navy spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Lt. Jacqui Maxwell said in an email that members of Naval Special Warfare Group Two were found to have “violated the spirit and intent” of Defense Department regulations that guide the flying of flags and “the apparent endorsement of political activities” after they were seen flying a blue flag from the lead vehicle in a convoy driving near Fort Knox, Ky., in January.

Images quickly spread across social media and several news outlets, including the Louisville Courier-Journal, picked them up.

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Update: Navy Special Warfare forces punished for flying Trump flag (Navy Times)

WNU Editor: What's their punishment .... they don't say .... but I would punish them by making them pay the next round of beer at the bar.


Anonymous said...

The worst crime you can conduct in today's US is to support Trump and shold pe punishable by death according to liberals

D.Plowman said...

Talking about Trump and supporting him in any fashion will only lead to backlash.

Some fairly public personalities have been lashed for doing so. The Uber CEO was recently in the news for doing just that, with people now calling for a boycott of Uber.


I myself don't like Trump, but... I still regard him as the better option to Hillary. Discussing Trump in my household is a big no-no unless its berating him.


fred lapides said...

dear anon

Liberals usually do not believe in the death penalty. Also many of them, like me, do not believe in flying flags of that sort as though it is part of military requirement. Clearly it is wrong and a violation, or the military would not have acted. But remaining anon and having your coke allows you to badmouth over 50% of the nation's voters.

Anonymous said...

If you take away the illegal votes cast for Killa, President Trump won the even the popular vote with a landslide.