Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Was The U.S. Navy SEAL Yemen Raid A Success?

The Telegraph: Donald Trump insists Yemen raid was 'highly successful' in Congress address attended by Navy SEAL widow

Donald Trump insisted that the Yemen raid, which saw the first combat fatality of his administration, was "highly successful" during his first speech to Congress on Tuesday.

The US president hailed Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens, who died in the mission which saw 14 militants and many civilians also killed, a hero as he addressed the chamber.

Owens' wife Carryn, who attended as a guest of the president and was sitting next to his daughter Ivanka, received a standing ovation as Mr Trump recognised her.

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WNMU Editor: These claims are contradicting earlier reports .... Last Month's Deadly U.S. SEAL Raid In Yemen Yielded No Significant Intelligence (February 28, 2017). President Trump's critics are also accusing him for avoiding responsibility for the death of Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens .... Trump Once Again Covers Up His Own Failure on Yemen Raid (Mother Jones) .... fair enough .... but others are saying that putting the fault of the raid itself on the President is a stretch .... Is Trump At Fault For The Yemen Raid? One Army Ranger Doesn’t Think So (Task & Purpose).

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C-Low said...

Irrelevant reality of the raid you never tell a widower to a soldier who died in service his death was in vane of no real value. The fact the media and the dems went around and did this for political reasons is disgusting.

In war every death is important and a equally worth to all contribution to the overall goals. It is death in service of their nation for their nation that is worthy in itself.

Anonymous said...

Well Said!!

fred lapides said...

ah, but when Obama in office, ok to go on endlessly about Hillary and Benghazi? what is good for the goose etc.
to get sent to your death if it was unnecessary is a crime worthy of seeking answers.

Ruben Acosta said...

Apples and oranges. Go back and brush up on how these things work.

Anonymous said...

Idiot, one was a raid on enemies and the other was a terror atack against Americans where Killay refused to send aid and refused to blame the Muslim terrorist

Aizino Smith said...

Ben Ghazi is nothing like the raid in Yemen.

What aid was not given in Yemen?

In Yemen they had air support.

In Ben ghazi they could have had air support.

That is a big difference Fast Freddie.

B.Poster said...

How quickly could the air support have gotten there in Ben Ghazi? It seems no one really even tried. Such air support would likely need to overfly the territories of a number of countries which would need to be negotiated but it seems no one even tried. Then they blamed the whole thing which clearly seemed to be an organized attack on the spontaneity of a video.

While we grieve for the Navy Seal and his family, this was a raid deep in enemy territory against a very tough enemy. In carrying out this kind of raid, it's remarkable we only lost one Navy Seal and one aircraft.

Aizino Smith said...

Yup B.S. Poster,

There are 50 countries to overfly between Sicily/Italy and Libya.

Those would be Poseidonia, Mermadia, Sealandia, ...

fazman said...

I beleive the taid was planned by obama and his team, unfortunately in war soldiers die how is that trumps fault?

fazman said...

I beleive the taid was planned by obama and his team, unfortunately in war soldiers die how is that trumps fault?

Jay Farquharson said...

Not what the 17 Benghazi Investigations that cost US Taxpayer's over $18 billion dollars discovered.

Anonymous said...

You are not to bright Jay, you believe everything you are told by CNN. Make America great again

Anonymous said...

Not many countried to pass betwen Italy and Libya and it does not take long for fighter jets