Friday, April 28, 2017

An On The Ground Report From The Front Lines In Mosul

Michael Gordon, New York Times: On the Mosul Front, a Brutal Battle Against ISIS and Time

Mr. Gordon, a military correspondent for The Times, is working with the Iraqi reporter Kamil Kakol on the front lines in Iraq.

Clambering onto a rooftop with a small group of soldiers from Iraq’s counterterrorism service, we scanned the Islamic State’s stronghold in western Mosul as one of its armored car bombs maneuvered toward the front line.

Within minutes, there was an enormous explosion — a shoot of red flame and a funnel of black smoke that reached into the sky.

This time, at least, there were no friendly casualties. The Iraqi troops who were clawing their way forward in the streets below had piled enough debris ahead of them that the suicide driver was stopped short of his target. All over the city, you can see that kind of wreckage and ad hoc barriers, put up by both sides.

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WNU Editor: If this report is true, the battle for Mosul has been very bloody .... Mosul Op: 8,000 Iraq troops killed as Daesh make propaganda gains (MEMO), and revenge killings are becoming commonplace .... Captive IS fighters face extrajudicial killings on fringes of Mosul conflict (IRIN News).


James said...

“Iraqi criminal justice authorities should investigate all alleged crimes, including unlawful killings and mutilation of corpses, committed by any party in the conflict in a prompt, transparent and effective manner, up to the highest levels of responsibility.”
Mr. Wille, what is happening does seem to be prompt, transparent, and very effective.

Bob Huntley said...

What are you going to do with thousands of captured ISIS fighters, send them to GITMO, release them to the world in a few years?

I believe that when they signed on with ISIS they signed their own death warrants and given their history of murdering innocents they all deserve to die.

Would any other group of people be allowed to get away with the persistent and organized murdering of innocents without such punishment?