Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Have Russians Gotten Use To Terrorism?

A police officer walks with a dog at Tekhnologicheskiy institut metro station in St. Petersburg, Russia, April 4, 2017. REUTERS/Grigory Dukor

Julia Ioffe, The Atlantic: How Russians Got Used to Terrorism

If there’s too much of it, it stops being terrifying.

The last time a Russian subway was bombed, it was almost exactly seven years ago in Moscow. That time, in March 2010, it was two young Dagestani women who blew themselves up on two spots on the red line, one of them just under Lubyanka, the headquarters of the FSB. Some 40 people died and dozens were injured, and, because it was the first time in years that Moscow had been attacked, observers predicted that it would be a game changer. Some said that it would mean a massive operation in the North Caucasus regions of Russia where the suicide bombers were from. Others said it would mean that the population would get angry at the government for not protecting them; or that, like after the 2004 hostage bloodbath at the elementary school in Beslan, when Vladimir Putin canceled gubernatorial elections, the government would crack down even harder on political freedom in Russia.

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WNU Editor: Sadly .... the answer is yes. Russia has been at war (on and off) with its Muslim neighbours for centuries .... we are just entering another cycle.


Jac said...

Sad, of course, but we have to call an apple an apple, and we don't... even Russian's. Did you see Buddhism terrorist?, Hinduism terrorist?, Taoist terrorist? Christian terrorist?...and so on. We cannot defeat an enemy if we don't name it. Of course all Muslim are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim. It means Muslim have to clean their rank if they don't want we do it. We have to send this message.... if we have the political courage.

Aizino Smith said...

Russia has lost.

With the number of mosques in St. Pertersburg, Russia is almost colonized.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, if you want to see a Muslim country come to Sweden.

TWN said...

The muslims are a boil on the arse of the world.