Saturday, April 29, 2017

Russia Showcases Their Newest Remote-Controlled Robot Tanks

Daily Mail: Russian army puts its enormous new remote-controlled robot tank boasting a 30mm automatic gun and six missiles through its paces

* The Russian army has been testing a remote-controlled tank at a military base
* A video shows the unmanned robot scaling hills, dusty paths and flows of water
* At the end of the footage the tank, named The Vikhr, fires from its 30 mm gun
* A report from the SIPRI found that Russia is the third biggest military spender

The Russian army has been putting one of the world's biggest military robots through its paces, acting as a further reminder of Russia's increasing military strength.

The Vikhr remote-controlled tank was being tested on a military testing ground at a classified location in Russia.

The clips shows the unmanned tank traveling through a dusty path, navigating through stretches of water and then firing into the distance from its machine gun, all without a human in sight.

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WNU Editor: Here is another video on Russian robot tanks (link is here).


Anonymous said...

I still think a remote controlled bomb would be a more terrifying weapon than this platform. Get rid of the guns and make it a one and done tank...better be good with that TOW.

fazman said...

Im envisaging its tole as clearing bunkers , urban warefare etc rather than anti armour.

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