Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Growing Role And Importance Of Multi-Domain Combat

Iraqi Army soldiers training in January 2017.

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., Breaking Defense: Iraq: Proving Ground For Multi-Domain Battle

ARMY WAR COLLEGE: The brutal ground war in Iraq holds vital lessons for sophisticated future operations in the Pacific, Australian Maj. Gen. Roger Noble said today. Military pundits often draw a sharp distinction between what they consider low-tech warfare against irregular forces, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and high-tech war against states like China and Russia. But when Noble went from a tour in Iraq last year to the Hawaii headquarters of US Army Pacific, he said, the cutting-edge concepts of Multi-Domain Battle that USARPAC is experimenting with forcefully reminded him of coalition operations against Daesh, the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

“Last year, we saw the future,” Noble told the Army War College here. “We came back and read Multi-Domain Battle (and thought) ‘we saw version 1.0 in Iraq.'”

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Update: Multi-Domain Battle Will Require a Totally Different Type of Leader (A.J. Shattuck, Modern War Institute).

WNU Editor: History is full of examples of successful military operations where combined arms operations were the rule. Case in point .... an infantry squad facing a similar foe in a battle will be facing a stalemate, but backed with air-power, drones, artillery, and an armoured unit .... such a squad will be a formidable force that can easily break such a stalemate