Sunday, April 30, 2017

Top U.S. Admiral In The Pacific: 'We Are Running Out Of Bombs'

© AFP 2017/ Leila GORCHEV

Daily Mail: 'We are running out of bombs': US admiral warns military is hitting ISIS so heavily stocks are running low

* US Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris testified before a Senate committee
* He admitted intensive operations against ISIS have depleted stocks of bombs
* He also warned the US needed to improve anti-missile and ship defences
* Admiral Harris also told the Senate he needed a replacement for cluster bombs

The United States is running out of bombs to blast ISIS terrorists because of the number of targets getting hit, one of the country's top generals has warned.

US Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris has said he needs more munitions to keep up the intensive operations against the terror organisation in Iraq and Syria.

Admiral Harris admitted he has seen much of his inventory of munitions moved to operations against ISIS.

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WNU Editor: This concern on how fast the U.S. military is depleting its bomb and missile stockpiles was first posted earlier this year .... U.S. Military Running Out Of Bombs And Other Munitions In The War Against The Islamic State (February 17, 2017)


TWN said...

With all the money the US military is getting in the budget 600+ billion how is this possible, and how do they expect to fight a war with North Korea? There should be Court-martials over the incompetence at how the Military mismanages spending.

Anonymous said...

Big muscles, small brain.

Anonymous said...

Actually, other anonymous, you are not too far off. If you have a lot of money and a lot of firepower, like the US military, and little evolutionary pressure over the last decades (no real competitor - the US military, despite china's advances and Russia's denial to give up its superpower status - is still #1.. only in the last ten years was China getting noticeably stronger. .it takes much longer to change an institution like the pentagon's direction) then that's what happens. If you don't be creative or innovative, you won't.

Anonymous said...

Meant to read: if you don't have to be creative or innovative, you won't. Necessity is the strongest driver of them all. Hence why the Russians are so good at keeping things afloat..because they have to...that's why the Chinese need to reclaim parts of Asia (because of their pride they have to)

Turfy77 said...

War is good for Us economy and gives the US a chance to get rid of its aging stock, bring in the new advanced weapons in case of a real war

Anonymous said... theory. In reality the US military and navy complains that their stuff is so old and so badly fixed they can barely fly anymore. And those are not the guys asked to lobby. Those are the ground maintenence crews fixing, the flight instructors, the pilots. All but the tank operators. Haha

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