Sunday, April 30, 2017

The World's Largest Submarine Factory Is Being Built In China


Popular Mechanics: China Is Building the World's Largest Submarine Factory

The 430,000-square-foot plant will guard subs from prying eyes.

China is building a factory so big that when it's done, it will be able to accommodate the construction of four submarines at once—out of sight from military enthusiasts and spy satellites alike.

According to Popular Science, Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industrial Corporation is building the plant in Huludao, Liaoning Province. The place will have two parallel assembly lines. The gigantic hall reportedly is where China will begin construction on is latest attack submarine, the Type 095.

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Update: China is building the world's largest nuclear submarine facility (Popular Science)

WNU Editor: Is a submarine race is about to happen .... Pacific Commander Says U.S. Needs More Submarines, Ships to Counter North Korean Threat (Kris Osborne, National Interest). Countries in Asia are joining the bandwagon .... Taiwan to build eight submarines (The Straits Times). More here .... China Is Fueling a Submarine Arms Race in the Asia-Pacific (Foreign Policy).


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Why Chinese always need to build the biggest? Compensating for something? :))

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