Monday, May 29, 2017

Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates May 29, 2017

Daily Mail: Mosul to be freed from ISIS by June 10 - exactly three years since fanatics took over the city, Iraqi forces claim

* Much of Mosul has already been recaptured by Iraqi security forces
* However a number of ISIS fighters remain in the densely-packed old city
* The fanatics have deployed suicide bombers to slow down the military advance
* Iraqi leaders previously promised the city would be free by the end of 2016
* Civilians trapped in ISIS areas face snipers and bombs if they flee

Iraqi security forces hope to liberate Mosul from ISIS by June 10, and end the self-styled caliphate's control of the city.

The ambitious target gives troops a little under a fortnight to clear the last remnants of ISIS fanatics from Iraq's second-largest city.

Much of Mosul, including the airport and university, are already under the control of the security forces.

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Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates May 29, 2017

Iraqi forces continue push into Mosul's Old City, slowed by civilians -- NRT
New attack on ISIS in offensive to retake Mosul (Video) -- CBS
ISIS not giving up in Mosul (Video) -- CBS
Iraqi forces advance from north ahead of ‘extremely violent’ fight -- Al-Monitor
Civilians flee clashes in al-Sihah neighbourhood in western Mosul (Video) -- Washington Post
Officers: IS snipers, suicide bombers slow advance in Mosul -- AP
Iraqi forces report final assault on Mosul has started -- World Tribune/RFE
Iraqi Forces Press ahead with Mosul Offensive, Liberate More towns from ISIL -- Al-Manar
Iraqi military urges Mosul residents living in areas under Islamic State control to flee -- L.A. Times
UN warns 200,000 at grave risk in last stages of Mosul battle -- AFP
Abadi visits western Mosul to meet with military commanders -- NRT
Defeating IS enters "last stages" in western Mosul: Iraqi PM -- New China
Mosul to be liberated in week, PM Abadi orders celebration preparations: Sources -- Iraqi news
AP Explains: Iraq's slow grind to retake IS-held Mosul -- AP

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