Friday, May 5, 2017

China's Air Force Is Making Its Drills More Realistic

Jiang Jiaji, a Golden Helmet Award-winning pilot of the PLA Air Force, makes a low-altitude precision strike during an exercise. LIU YINGHUA/CHINA DAILY

Reuters: China says making air force drills more realistic

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's air force is making its drills more realistic and less formulaic as it seeks to boost combat readiness, an official newspaper said on Friday, mapping out the latest step in the country's ambitious modernization program.

China has rattled nerves around the region with its plan to reform the military, the world's largest, focusing on quality over quantity and replacing outmoded equipment and tactics dating back to Soviet times.

Its air force has been a big beneficiary of the modernization, getting new jets and developing stealth technologies, and is also focusing on improving its training.

Combat exercises are becoming more intense and more difficult, ditching past practice of carrying out drills in line with pre-set plans and adding more realistic situations, the state-run China Daily said, citing the air force.

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Update: PLA Air Force making exercises more realistic (CCTV)

WNU Editor: They should take a page on how the U.S. Air Force trains .... if they have not done so already.

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Remember when the movie "The Interview" came out and Kim threatened Sony and the actors in it? It had a biochemical assassination plot. It was a hilarious movie - a comedy - but Kim hated it back then and it stuck in his mind