Monday, May 1, 2017

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- May 1, 2017

Douglas Birkey, FOX News: The North Korean threat is not theoretical, it is reality

North Korea is surging to the brink. Advancements in their missile technology and nuclear weapons program will soon put the United States in the crosshairs. As Senator John McCain recently remarked: “A North Korean missile tipped with a nuclear warhead, capable of reaching our homeland is no longer a distant hypothetical, but an imminent danger.”

A policy built around angry diplomatic statements and passive observation is no longer viable. The United States must seriously anticipate the use of force to eliminate this rogue nation’s offensive nuclear capacity. This is far from a simple task.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- May 1, 2017

Here's what's driving North Korea's nuclear program — and it might be more than self-defense -- Jonathan Kaiman, L.A. Times

As North Korea's economy grows, Kim tries to wield a double-edged sword -- Michael Holtz, CSM

Trump Sows Confusion in Seoul -- American Interest

North Korea attempts missile launch as Trump learns China's help doesn't come cheap -- Pamela Falk, The Hill

Australia wants to avoid a Korean war at all costs – and with good reason -- Antoun Issa, The Guardian

America and China’s strategic relationship -- The Economist

Making Afghanistan Great Again -- Eli Lake, Bloomberg

Modi’s India: Rising and Reshaping -- Richard Rossow, The Diplomat

Why are Japanese teens so glum? -- Vikas Pota, Japan Times

Billions of dollars later, Joseph Kony remains at large and the first world has lost interest in bringing him to justice -- David Gauvey Herbert, Quartz

Problems faced by Egypt’s Coptic Christians run far deeper than Isis attacks -- Robert Fisk, The Independent

What’s the matter with Europe’s new emperor? Emmanuel Macron looks certain to be president of France, but this young pretender is marching towards disaster -- Jonathan Fenby, The Spectator

What is happening in Macedonia? It's not an ethnic conflict and it's not Russia's fault. -- Dimitar Bechev, Al Jazeera

Why NATO Wants Montenegro (Not for Its Military Might) -- Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

More Balkan trouble brewing in region famous for mischief -- L. Todd Wood, Washington Times

What’s ahead for Venezuela? As the protests ramp up, here are 5 things to watch. -- Michael McCarthy, Washington Post

Amid hungry, violent looting, Venezuelan shopkeepers fortify their businesses -- Cody Weddle and Jim Wyss, Miami Herald

The Rise of the Generals -- Pat Buchanan, New American

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