Friday, May 5, 2017

The Taliban Have No Problem To Enter Afghanistan Or To Move Around Freely

Taliban fighters. © Reuters

FOX News: How terrorists freely enter Afghanistan and move around unhindered

KABUL, Afghanistan – Earlier this week, some 700 young men here were spotted traveling north in a convoy of buses. They had no identification cards and said they were laborers going to find work, Gen. Jawid Kohistani, a former official at Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security (NDS) and a leading security analyst, told Fox News.

Despite that lack of documentation, they were able to make the more than 300-mile excursion from terrorist-teeming Nangarhar province by the Pakistan border to the provincial capital of Jalalabad. Then, they made their way west to Kabul and, finally, north to Mazar e-Sharif -- with almost no authorities stopping or investigating them.

"How does terrorism spread? Terrorists just get on a bus and go where they need to. It is that easy," Kohistani said. "These are the simple things that must be fixed. These young men have no weapons on them. So security forces say they cannot stop them. There is no real strategy to identify them and arrest or get rid of them."

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WNU Editor: This is how a guerrilla movement/insurrection spreads in Afghanistan. They just get on a bus and go where they are needed.


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