Friday, May 5, 2017

There Was A Resistance In Mosul During The Islamic State Occupation

The town circle in Hamam al-Alil, Iraq, where the bodies of resistance fighters were publicly executed and displayed by Islamic State militants. (Photo: Osie Greenway)

USA Today: Meet the men who fought ISIS from inside Mosul

"It would be very difficult for a big group to fight" the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and keep it a secret, said Salwan Hamis, 27, a former policeman in this town nearly 20 miles south of Mosul. He had attempted to join a resistance group in Mosul, but its members went into hiding shortly after he made contact with them.

Despite their caution, many paid with their lives for acts of rebellion as small as spraying anti-ISIS graffiti on walls and as important as assassinating ISIS fighters.

Hani Juma Muhammed Sultan, 48, is one such rebel honored as a hero in this town. He was gunned down by ISIS in 2016 after a lengthy battle.

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WNU Editor: It is telling that most of these resistance fighters are now dead.


Hans Persson said...

Would not be surprised if there is going to be alot of ISIS going to pose as these "resistance fighters" and try to flee to Europe after Mosul fall.

James said...

That's a very good point.

B.Poster said...

Very good point indeed. The tenden to cy has been for America and the "west" to "open their arms" with eyes closed to any and all immigrants. This is all the more so for anyone fleeing a "war zone." As such, it will likely be quite easy for anyone posing as "resistance" to ISIS to enter America or western Europe. This is assuming the US and the "west" don't get saner governments.

fazman said...

The current u.s leadership is to be commended for his proactive stance on extreme vetting to minimize the chances of such incudents.
If only those hindering his every move and by doing so are actually increasing the risks to u.s citizens would step aside.

B.Poster said...


The "extreme vetting" as put forth by team Trump hardly seems "extreme." Frankly it doesn't go nearly far enough and the critics are upset over this minor effort. What if hr actually did what really needs to be done?!!?

I would look at his attempted policies assuming he can implement them as a "baby step" in the right direction. A baby step in the right direction is better than no strp in the right direction.

My thinking is if we can get leaders to take baby steps in the right direction it may be possible to get them to walk and hopefully run in the right direction some day.

As for the insanity analogy, I was nainly referring to the opposition to Trump, at least on immigration, and to folks like Merkel, Macron, and various other "western" leaders. Frankly the challenges America faces are so extreme that I'm not sure we have time for leaders like DJT to take baby steps.

I've read and heard that Australia practices more extreme vetting than anything proposed by DJT. Good for you!! At least Australia wishes to protect it's citizens and preserve its unique and special culture. America would do well to emulate you Aussies on immigration and pretty much everything else.