Monday, May 29, 2017

U.S. Senator John McCain: Vladimir Putin A Bigger Threat Than Islamic State

ABC News Online: Vladimir Putin a bigger threat than Islamic State, John McCain says

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to world security than the Islamic State group, US senator John McCain has told the ABC.

The Republican also admitted in an exclusive interview with 7.30 that President Donald Trump sometimes made him "nervous".

During a visit to Canberra, Senator McCain said Mr Putin was the "premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS".

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WNU Editor: America's wars against radical Jiahdists has caused thousands of U.S. deaths that is still ongoing. America's "conflict" with Russia has caused zero deaths. And Putin is the greater threat?

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RussInSoCal said...

John McCain has forever been a much larger threat to my Saint-like patience than Putin has ever been.

B.Poster said...


My thougts exactly. Vladimir Putin and Russia have not threatened America nor have they asked for anything unreasonable from America and they are fighting ISIS in Syria. As such, they might even be "allies." Vladimir Putin is the most powerful person in the world. It might behoove one to try and get along with him.

There was a time when I would have dismissed McCain as a bitter old man and ignored him. Now not so much. Perhaps he's bitter at being shot down in Vietnam. Maybe he wants to get him some against those Russians who abused him in prison. Never mind the fact those Russians and Vietnamese who did this to him are likely long DEAD.

While we are sorry this has happened to you Mr. McCain, the world has moved on. Oh by the way those of your ilk have run the US military INTO THE GROUND with your support of continuous and fruitless military opetations that HAVE NOT advanced our interests and have not only undermined them but left us with a depleted military that would be hard pressed to defend our mainland much less do what you expect of them.

Please go away from us Mr. McCain and stay gone FOREVER. Now, if you MUST fight Russia for whatever reason, perhaps your honor is at stake. As I undrtstand it, your dad was an Admiral. You were captured. The Vietnamese let you live. Why pray tell did they do that? Perhaps you revealed secrets to them and perhaps even worse for you weren't even tortured to make this happen.

Frankly Americans outside of AZ don't care we want YOU GONE FROM US FOREVER!! As for me, I'd recomend therapy for you. Now if you STILL want to fight Russia Ukraine wants YOU!! By all means SIGN UP!! Send your kids, your grand kids, and your relatives. Glory awaits you. Perhaps you can redeem yourself.

In the meantime, a Trump official who sought to open up a "back channel" for negotiations that might dnd such stupidity on your part Mr. McCain now faces legal scrutiny. Apparently some such as you Mr. McCain have no shame as you're perfectly willing to place Americans in grave danger while true patriots are allowed to twist in the wind all to save your precious honor.

I can solve your problem. Join the Ukrainian Airforce. Fight for dear old Ukraine. Help them in their centuries long power struggle with Russia. Who knows they might even sing songs about you for generations to come honoring the sacrifice you and your family made to Ukrainian advancement.

There are also probably opennings for a man like you in the Baltics or Poland. Go SIGN UP SOMWHERE. After all you are helping yourself to "heal." In the meantime, pretty please STAY OUT OF THE WAY of those who are trying to negotiate an end to what YOU needlessly helped create.

If a "back channel" is needed, if need be ignore those who create it, and SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP while they negotiate. As for you, by all means STRAP IT ON!! FIGHT RUSSIANS!! GET THOSE DEMONS OUT OF YOU!! Do what you need to do to get the healing you need but by all means LEAVE THE REST OF US OUT OF IT!!

Jay Farquharson said...


B.Poster said...


Thanks for the link. If I copied the right one, apparently some have become so desparate to support the claim of Russian as "foreign devil" thing that they are now trying to resurrect the neo conservatives. These are long dead. At least they dare not claim the name if they want to be local dog catcher much less hold any policy position.

After destroying them (justified) can you bring them back from the dead? Probably not. If you could, would they like who they have to thank for their resurrection? They'd probably like it at first but at some point they'd hate you and who they had to thank for their resurrection and since you can't kill all of their offspring and since you once loved them at one time and they aren't stupid, they gathered enough "dirt" on you that they can destroy you, it'd probably be a good idea to leave them dead.

If you bring them back from the dead, the American people will gladly kill them again. They may not care. You see ideology has that nasty effect on folks. They may bring you down with them. By "you" I mean the folks at boonantribune and like minded folks. When we need to resurrect the "neocons" to support a position, we've become exceedingly desparate. That ideology is dead, let's not resurrect it.

Anonymous said...

Bposter.. Putin doesn't give a flying f*ck about you. .no matter how much you continue to push your propaganda. Putin is one of the most corrupt people on earth. .how do you think he became so vastly rich - owning billions in property around the world - while being a politician on a meager presidents salary? I earn more and don't suddenly have billions everywhere. .go read a book ffs.. or are you scared of speaking the truth so you dont get polonium poisoning in your tea or coffee? Real power means you can speak your mind.. there's no freedom of speech in Russia. .just thug mentality, mafia and oh glorious gas and military that's it. Maybe a bunch of bears and philosophers in the past. But that's it. Lately Russia has been nothing but mafia, embarrassing doped Russian athletes everywhere that just reveal how powerful or strong Russians are without chesting. ..not much really. .it shows. ..Russia's GDP is of the size of Italy ffs.. and they keep spending money on Putin's properties, military parades. ..what do you get? Russia is a dump.'s a dirty place where you get scammed every day long. .people steal and scheme. .no real rule of law.'s a 3rd world country soon... oh glorious Russia...oh glorious Putin...yeah,right. . Been there. thanks

TWN said...

The biggest threat to the US is not Russia it the crooks in Washington and Wall Street plus the Fed always has always will be.

Anonymous said...

Next time you visit Paris and see all of the armed soldiers patrolling the streets ask them if they are protecting against the Russians or ISIS...