Monday, June 5, 2017

British Prime Minister May Calls For The Regulation Of The Internet In Response To Ssaturday's Terror Attack In London

CNN: Theresa May: Internet must be regulated to prevent terrorism

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for closer regulation of the internet following a deadly terror attack in London.

At least seven people were killed in a short but violent assault that unfolded late Saturday night in the heart of the capital, the third such attack to hit Britain this year.

May said on Sunday that a new approach to tackling extremism is required, including changes that would deny terrorists and extremist sympathizers digital tools used to communicate and plan attacks.

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WNU Editor: I do not know who is advising her on what to say .... but her calls to regulate the internet is not going to give her the support that she wants .... in fact it will be the opposite. Case in point .... the criticisms are already piling in .... London attack: PM's condemnation of tech firms criticised (BBC). As to what is my take, social media is not the cause of hate and violence, it is just a tool that is being abused. Regulating it will not stop terror attacks or the spread of militant Islam .... after-all .... Mohammad did not have the internet 1300 years ago when he built his caliphate across the Middle East.

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TWN said...

This is the new normal in the west, with the numbers of muslims in the west a certain percentage are going the wackos and do this, if the west continues on it's current course of immigration from the muslim countries and feeding the wars in the Middle East, attacks like this will become a daily or weekly event. Since we lack any common since in the leadership department and continue to promote a so called Political Correct love thy neighbour don't mention Islam response, this crap will continue.

James said...

You're right.

Anonymous said...

Vampires only come in when they are invited in. The internet's not the problem.