Sunday, June 4, 2017

Is The U.S. Military Ready To Fight A Major Pacific War?

In this Thursday, June 1, 2017 photo released by Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, USS Ronald Reagan, bottom, and USS Carl Vinson, right top, sail along Japan Maritime Self Defense Force JS Hyuga, right center, and other vessels during a Japan-U.S. joint training in the Sea of Japan. (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force via AP)

Michael Horowitz: The Future Of War Is Fast Approaching In The Pacific - Are The U.S. Military Services Ready?

Is the era of unparalleled U.S. conventional military superiority coming to an end? Many senior U.S. military leaders are worried. The ongoing general proliferation of precision strike capabilities, cross-domain threats from cyber, space, and beyond, rising operational competence in potential adversaries, and the anticipation of rapidly diffusing new commercial technology with military relevance is placing American conventional overmatch at risk. Moreover, this is not just a story about air and naval superiority. As U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said in October 2016, “[W]e are on the cusp of a fundamental change in the character of warfare, and specifically ground warfare.” The future conventional battlefield will be more contested than the battlefields U.S. ground forces have become accustomed to over the last generation. A complex environment featuring adversaries with the capacity to launch attacks in multiple domains will further require an American military able to do the same. Thus, senior U.S. military leaders such as Milley and Adm. Harris, as well as a number of commentators, increasingly recognize the need for a “multi-domain” approach to the security environment.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. is ready to fight a major war today .... it is tomorrow that the military planners are worried about.


King Aragon said...

Look war is war all u got to do is put out the lights and fight a blind world war see. There are no winners in this fight just hell for everyone around it OK get it got it good then push the trigger mad man

King Aragon said...

Madness it is

B.Poster said...

The United States military is barely capable of defending the US mainland should the US be attacked. As such, war with a major world power in the Pacific or anywhere for that matter would not only be out of the question but downright insane.

Turfy77 said...

Your insane B. POSTER

B.Poster said...


The US military has been worn down from continuing fruitless operations around the world over many, many years, the leaders are incompetent, and the defense conteactors are a sick joke. This article, numerous others posted by the editor that I've even commented on bear this out, and other sources separate from articles linked to by the editor bear this out.

All one needs to do is analyze the evidence absent ideology and face reality. Reality does not care whether you like it or not, it has no compassion, and you it or act absent it reality can and will be a real b!tch!!

I'm not insane. I'm facing reality. If Americans and their leaders face reality and act accordingly, fabulous outconmes are not only possible but probable. Fsilure to recognize reality and act accordingly cannot generally have a good ending.

fazman said...

The u.s military was designed to fight 2.5 wars at once
, even after the neglect it is still a 1.5 machine.