Thursday, June 1, 2017

Map Of The Operation To Liberate Mosul - 31.10.16 to 24.05.17 (Video)

WNU Editor
: It`s been a long 7 months .... and now the endgame .... which will probably be the most destructive .... is in sight.


B.Poster said...

When time permits, I will watch the video. This is a VERY tough enemy. I'm surprise they've been able to approach a so called "endgame" in only seven months. If true, this is incredible!! I will reiterate what I have said here before I DO NOT like references to "games" when discussing matters of war and foreign policy.

We've lost allot of our best people in Iraq. Has anyone thought through what happens after ISIS is defeated in Iraq? Iran is the dominant power in Iraq. Has anyone thought through whether or not we really want to assist Iran in solidifying their control?

I think the plan has been and continues to be to defeat ISIS first and then try and figure out the rest. IF I trusted US leaders which I do NOT, I could probably find that line of thinking acceptable.

With that said many thanks for all of the excellent information you have presented to us over the past year and half or so that I have been visiting this site and posting:-)

B.Poster said...

Having now watched the video I'm anazed that so much has been accomplushed so quickly since 20/31 of last year.