Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some People Are Getting Nervous On What Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Doing And His Connections To James Comey

James Comey speaks alongside Robert Mueller at the White House in 2013. Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

Axios: Mueller adds muscle for Russia investigation

"The Worst Thing That Happened to Donald Trump this Week" — Paul Rosenzweig, on the Lawfare blog: Special counsel "Robert Mueller has hired Michael Dreeben, on a part-time basis, to help with his investigation. Dreeben, a deputy in the Office of the Solicitor General, has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court. His specialty has, for the last 20 years, been criminal matters and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law."

Be smart: Mueller is amassing the talent arsenal you'd build to bring criminal charges.

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WNU Editor: It is normal for someone like Robert Mueller to get the best legal minds out there on his team. But some people are getting nervous .... especially over his (Robert Mueller's) ties and history with former FBI Dierctor James Comey Retired FBI Special Agent Blows The Whistle On The Real Robert Mueller (Zero Hedge). And while the Republicans are not treating Robert Mueller the same way that the Democrats did with Ken Starr when he investigated then President Clinton .... I am definitely getting the impression that they want to know what he is doing. As to what is my own take on where this is all going .... a good friend of mine is one of Quebec's top criminal lawyers (his family is from my mother's hometown in Russia) .... and he summed up this entire case to me simply. If you did nothing wrong .... you have nothing to be worried about. I do not get the impression from President Trump that he did anything wrong .... in fact the opposite .... he has gone out of his way to make his opinions and reasons known. But as to those within his circle .... I am getting a different impression .... and it looks like some of them are going to have a problem or two. Either way .... we are going to know in a year or two on where this investigation is going .... or not.

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Aizino Smith said...

"So let's remember. Obama is the nefarious machine pol who appointed James Comey to head the FBI in the first place. This is the Comey who took no notes when he spoke with Obama, no notes when he questioned Hillary about her emails, no notes, apparently, during the cover-up conversation with Lynch that left him with "a queasy feeling," but who suddenly began documenting his exchanges with Trump — exchanges that Trump says never happened. This is the Comey who let Hillary off the hook because he somehow knew she didn't intend to share classified information (a matter that doesn't exist in the relevant law), but who cannot comment on whether Donald Trump intended to obstruct justice when Trump expressed his hopes about an investigation."