Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A New Generation Of Chinese Generals Are Now Taking Control

Getting a ticket to attend the party congress is the first step for most Central Committee hopefuls – whether they are civilian cadres or military officers. Photo: Reuters

South China Morning Post: Young guns including Xi Jinping’s top military aide expected to move up the ranks

Newly promoted generals Zhong Shaojun and Wang Chunning are names to watch at the party congress next month

China is preparing to usher in a new generation of generals to run its military in the coming decade in what is expected to be a bigger shake-up of the top brass than the last one five years ago.

Of the 40 or so military members of the 200-strong elite Central Committee, seven are expected to keep their seats during next month’s reshuffle at the Communist Party congress – half the number that stayed on in 2012, according to a list of delegates announced last week.

That would give President Xi Jinping more scope to promote younger generals to carry out his goal of overhauling the People’s Liberation Army into a modern military that meets China’s security needs and expanding overseas interests.

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WNU Editor:You know that you are getting old when you look at the ages of this new generation of Chinese Generals .... and with the exception of one .... they are all younger than me. :(

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Getting old beats the alternative. Until, I suspect, it doesn't.