Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How Much Would A War With North Korea Cost?

An undated photograph released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on 26 April 2017 shows a combined fire demonstration of North Korean artillery. SBS

Anthony Fensom, National Interest: Why War with North Korea Could Cost Trillions of Dollars

Unleashing Trump's “fire and fury” on North Korea would rack up both human and financial costs.

War with North Korea could result in the death of fifty thousand or more Americans and more than two million Korean casualties. However, the economic cost would be massive, too, running into potentially trillions of dollars for the United States, while damaging Asia’s biggest economies.

The 1950–1953 Korean War caused 33,651 U.S. casualties and cost the United States an estimated $20 billion. For South Korea, it caused 1.2 million deaths and saw the value of its gross domestic product (GDP) slump by more than 80 percent.

However, the cost of a second Korean War would be far greater, according to Capital Economics.

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WNU Editor: Aside from the human cost .... the cost of a war on the Korea Peninsula would run in the trillions. The cost to the U.S. would be in the trillions. The hit on the global economy .... a few trillion more. If nuclear weapons are used and/or China gets directly involved .... we will be living in a very different world.


fazman said...

What about the cost of rebuilding L.A?

Anonymous said...

Of course it will be trillions.


Not doing anything might be even worse - King Jong Un kills his own family members, tortures people, has no normal perspective on life, lets people treat him like a half-god etc etc and you want this guy to have nuclear weapons? Oh, and he's threatening death to America, its allies already. No thanks.

So, my guess is that if the fat guy (talking about Kim Jong Un here) does one more thing, the other fat guy (talking about Trump now) will perhaps strike and then the third fat guy (talking about Xi now) will use this for a nice proxy war .. good times :D

Anyone got a link to a good bunker website? Need to order one