Tuesday, January 30, 2018

An Asian Arms Race Is Underway

Map of Asia from The Economist

South China Morning Post editorial: Arms race in Asia is cause for concern

It’s not only North Korea that is expanding its weapons programme; the scene is playing out across the continent, making it even more imperative that nations establish reliable mechanisms for dialogue to avoid accidental conflict.

North Korea has grabbed attention with its weapons development programme. But less noticed has been the rush across Asia to test and deploy missiles by nations that are either nuclear-capable or easily able to obtain such armaments.

There is no better indicator of the arms race under way as a result of the region’s uncertainties. The proliferation is aimed at deterrence, although the deployment and stockpiling also increases tensions and the risk of a miscalculation that could lead to military conflict.

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WNU Editor: China's territorial ambitions combined with North Korea's missile and nuclear programs has created the perfect environment for an arms race. And no one in Asia is having a discussion on the "how and why" this should be stopped.

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