Friday, October 12, 2018

Chinese Media Reports That Their Next Generation Strategic Stealth Bomber Is Ready To Fly

A CCTV news program offered a glimpse of what is believed to be a prototype of the H-20 bomber. Photo: CCTV screen grab

Asia Times: PLA’s H-20 stealth bomber to take to the skies soon

The long-awaited H-20 is set to have an operational range of 8,000 kilometers without mid-air refueling

Chinese media have confirmed that the Hong-20, or H-20, the nation’s next generation strategic stealth bomber that has been more than a decade in the making, may take to the skies very soon.

In August, state broadcaster China Central Television revealed in a documentary marking the 91st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army that the first H-20, a genuine “game changer”, could roll off its production line sooner than estimated.

Earlier this month, CCTV confirmed that the first H-20 trial flight was on the horizon.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha that thing looks like sh*the. . Like parts stolen from Russia (look at the nose design, so typical Russian) and parts just made up to look like I don't know what they aimed for but man it looks butt ugly

Anonymous said...

God that thing looks like from a shitty 60s movie. ..what were they thinking? Here world, look at our mighty super futuristic but oddly old looking plane that we built out of spare parts from old abandoned planes we found on the junk yard haha :)) love it! Go china!! :D

Anonymous said...

Now I know what the profile reminded me of... anyone here watched the old Galactica series? The cylon ships had exactly that profile. .and the nose is half concorde half soviet air intakes..omg lol

Anonymous said...

This has to be fake right?

There is no way the Chinese Government thought this thing looks good.

>soviet style intakes

Pick one.

Roger Smith said...

In miles, that's about 5000 without refueling. Is this an extravagant figure or common for long range modern bombers?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

@Roger smith,

Let me put it this way, the B-36 Peacemaker had a 10,000 mile non-refueled combat range. It also had a 87,200 pound maximum combat load.

The B-52 has a combat radius of 8,800 miles non-refueled. 70,000+ pounds of combat load.

The B-1B has about the same though it varies wildly on conditions. 80,000+ pounds of combat load.

The B-2A has a 6,000 Mile combat radius non-refueled, and can also carry 60,000+ pounds of combat load.