Monday, June 10, 2019

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- June 10, 2019

Joshua Keating, Slate: Hong Kong’s Massive Protests May Be Chinese Democracy’s Last Stand

Hong Kongers are back in the streets. As the South China Morning Post notes, protesting is in the semi-independent city-state’s “DNA”: Smaller demonstrations are nearly constant, and massive ones like this one—usually mounted to protect the city’s hard-won political independence—happen every few years. Still, the scale of the current outcry is unusual, with hundreds of thousands protesting a new extradition law on Sunday in what may have been the largest marches since the city’s handover to Chinese rule.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- June 10, 2019

Hong Kong risks its future as global business hub -- Katrina Hamlin, Reuters

What are the Hong Kong protests about? -- Lily Kuo and Verna Yu, The Guardian

Q&A: Why hundreds of thousands protested in Hong Kong -- Yanan Wang, AP

What Next For Australia's ‘Miracle Man’ Morrison? -- Anthony Fensom, The Diplomat

Heiko Maas in Tehran: Why Germany can't concede too much to Iran -- Shamil Shams, DW

Why US sanctions on Iran could induce war -- Manoj Kumar Mishra, Asia Times

Sudan crisis: What you need to know -- BBC

Why the Sudanese people stand 'alone' -- Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

Is a military solution the only option left in Libya? -- Guma El-Gamaty, Al Jazeera

Moldova gets surprise new government -- Matei Rosca, Politico

Russia's Best Defense Against America's Pressure Strategy May Be China -- Dimitri Alexander Simes, National Interest

Why the Russian Arrest of an Investigative Journalist Should Worry Everyone -- Maria Zheleznova and Pavel Aptekar, Moscow Times

In Poland, a Fixed U.S. Presence Will Warrant a Russian Response -- Stratfor

How Britain’s Conservatives will choose their next leader -- AP

Venezuela’s Two Presidents Collide -- Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker

Dinosaur fossils are available for sale on eBay. so why did it take America's national museum so long to get a Tyrannosaurus rex? -- James Glenday, ABC News Online

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