Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- August 21, 2019

Photo: An oil tanker burns in the Strait of Hormuz after allegedly being attacked by Iranian boats. (AP/ISNA)

Jackson Gothe-Snape and Emma Machan, ABC News Online: Understanding the Strait of Hormuz: narrower than Bass Strait, carrying one fifth the world's oil

Australia is sending a warship, surveillance aircraft and Defence Force personnel to a stretch of Middle Eastern water called the Strait of Hormuz.

Here's why.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- August 21, 2019

How Britain Lost the War It Never Wanted with Iran -- Matthew Petti, National Interest

Kashmir: DW reporter's first-hand account of the 'siege' -- Rifat Fareed, DW

Trouble in Sri Lanka -- Taylor Dibbert, Washington Times

The Sources of Chinese Conduct -- Odd Arne Westad, Foreign Affairs

China buffeted by shifting Nigerian political winds -- Lin Nguyen, Asia Times

Young Libyans chose danger at sea over peril at home -- AFP

Abdalla Hamdok: Who is Sudan's new prime minister? -- Al Jazeera

Don't Restore a G-8 With Russia -- Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner

Merkel's government delivers on promises, but voters aren't convinced -- Rebecca Staudenmaier, DW

German-U.S. Ties Are Breaking Down -- Matthias Gebauer et al, Der Spiegel

G7 or G5? Trump and Johnson add unpredictability to French summit -- John Irish, Marine Pennetier, Reuters

Huawei will ‘dominate the world’ -- Gordon Watts, Asia Times

Huawei is beginning 6G research — a mobile network that may move far beyond the smartphone -- Alan Weedon, ABC News Online


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